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Circum-Baikal railway tours

This adventure along the famous Baikal railway. The trip lasts all day long. People travel in comfortable coaches, go on excursions , walks along the shore of Lake Baikal. On the road offers stunning views of Lake Baikal, the guide tells about the lake and the history of the construction of the Circum-Baikal Railway.


   Welcome to Circum-Baikal railway!                  Circum-Baikal train

Program of tour:

Program of the tour begins in Irkutsk, there are two variants start a journey, depending on the day of the week.

1) In Irkutsk, at the railway station you will get in the excursion train, taking place in accordance with that specified in the tickets. The train station should Sludianka at a speed of 60-70 km. / Hr. From the station begins Sludyanka excursion of the trip. A tour guide will tell history and show films on DVD about the lake. The train makes a stop from 15 minutes to one hour, during you will walk on excursions. At about 20:00 the train reaches the village of Port Baikal, where people crossing by ferry to Listvyanka. Near the ferry you see comfortable bus, which takes away the tourists in Irkutsk. Way from Listvyanka to Irkutsk takes 1 hour. The bus moves on the Baikal highway, street Baikal, Ts.Rynok, g.Angara / railway station. At about 22:00 arrival in Irkutsk.

2) In  Irkutsk, near the theater Okhlopkova you sit on the bus and during the hour ride to the village Listvyanka (70 km).Guide will be waiting you in the bus. After arriving at the village of Listvyanka guide conducts you to the ferry, where you crossing the source of the Angara River (15 minutes) to the village  Port Baikal, where it will begin the journey by train. When you seat on the train, you will take the place of the numbers listed on the tickets. A tour guide will tell history and show films on DVD about the lake. The train makes a stop from 15 minutes to one hour, during whichyou will walk on excursions. At about 20:00 the train reaches the village Sludyanka. Train arrives at the station of Irkutsk around 22:00 - 22:30. From the station the tourists leave on their own.

Summer travel is by electric deluxe seats with 1st and 2nd class rail and with bus seats 1st class.

Autumn, winter and spring - a comfortable rail bus - it diesel train with seats only 1st class.


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Meals for additional payment. It is provided only for passengers of 1st class. In winter, the food on the train is not provided, it will offer only hot tea from a thermos, you can take food with you. During the summer, food is offered only for  1st class.


1st class- 2700 rubles for one person without meals;

2st class- 2300 rubles for one person without meals.

Cost of 3 meals a day - 1750 rubles / person(provided for the first class, in summer)

The first and the second class

In first class seats are arranged opposite each other, tables are between its.

In the second class coaches provided equipment row seats, in the back of the chair is an individual folding table.

There are 4 monitors in each coach, where show movies about Baikal, music and entertainment programs, Russian movies. The guide accompanies tourists. Guide conducts an excursions during the movement and stops.

During the trip, tourists can buy snacks and drinks at the bar of the train. In a first-class set thermos with hot water.


              The first class                                       The second class

Days of departure:

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday - departure at 8:20 from the railway station, the route: Irkutsk-Sludyanka port Baikal Irkutsk;

Thursday,Sunday- departure at 8.20 from theater on the street Karl Marks 14, the route: Irkutsk Listvyanka - Port Baikal - Irkutsk.


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