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Excursions by van/car

Khoboy cape

Duration-6-8 hours

Khoboy cape is the most popular excursion on Olkhon island. And it is really very good trip that allows to see magnificent views of Lake Baikal and the most beautiful Olkhon’s landscapes. The route go through the village Kharansy to the Budun cape, where is the first stop. From this cape it is possible to see some small islets and the “Face” of Lake Baikal. The next stop is Peschanoe with its beautiful sand dunes. Visit to cape Sagaan Khushun where you can see nice panoramas of Small see and make some good pictures. Just 15 minutes and you are on the most northern point of the island. Here you can see that Baikal is really great, huge water area will be before you. Hot picnic near cape Hoboy. The last point of this route is Uzury. It is one of a few places on the eastern shore of the island where you can go down to the water. There is also whether station here.


   Tourists on the Khoboy cape                    Khoboy cape

Idiba valley and lake Shara-Nur

Duration — 6—8 hours

This route takes you through the steppe in the south of the island. The first part of this trip goes through the forest. After you walk down around 3 km the gentle slope to the Idiba valley. An amazing view opens from the valley beautiful panorama of Bolshoe more (Big see). On the back way you will visit Shara-Nur lake, it is small lake in the forest with warm water. Here you can rest and swim. Hot picnic with smoked Baikal fish – omul.


             Lake Shara-Nur                              Idiba valley

Khorgoy cape and Lake Khanhoy

Duration-6-8 hours

The cape of Khargoy is famous for the remains of the ancient Kurykan's stone wall. It is 185 meters long, its height reaches 1.5-2 meters in some places. Kurykans are ancient nation who lived on the island before Buryats.  

This Lake Khanhoy is situated in the steppe part of the island, it has connection with the Baikal Lake by the small brook and only the sand beach separates it from the Baikal. It is very warm and good for swimming.  Around the lake there are many archeological memorials of the last Stone Age and the Iron Age, Mongolian times.


            Beautiful nature                         Fishing on lake Khanoy



Duration — 4—5 hours

Tyshkine is the only one place on the eastern part of the island you can get by car. It was a Buryatian village many years ago, nowadays there are one house left. It’s very beautiful place: in the low place here runs the brook surrounded by various trees. The cliffy shores on the both sides of the bay are very convenient for fishing. The sits and burial places of ancient people since the times of last Stone Age till the 19th century were found here by the archeologists.

Tashkai-Bolshoe Morye

Duration — 4—5 hours

This trip takes you out to the jagged cliffs overlooking the Bolshoye Morye. There is something mystical about their shape, and they are covered in different coloured lichen. Tashkay is well-known for its archaeological remains of the Kurykan culture (8th-9th century AD) - there are graves as well as a sacrificial altar. You will be driven through the island's steppe where there are often amazing effects created by the sun as the light breaks through the clouds and illuminates the Maloye Morye.


       Bolshoe Morye                               Underwater world

Khatkha valley

Duration–5-6 hours

Good route for people who like walking in calm secluded places. Special permits for the national park are required for this trip. The path follows a stream which flows through the forest and leads you to a picturesque meadow on the shore of the Bolshoye Morye. The stream flows into Baikal through a small waterfall. The trip takes around 6 hours, with a 3 km walk to the Bolshoye Morye and then back to the place where you will have your picnic.

Water trips

Around the islands of the Maloye Morye 

Duration-around 2 hours

This short excursion is a good possibility to see Baikal shore from the seaside. Visit small islands of the Maloe morye: Modoto (called by locals — “Crocodile”) and Edor (called by locals “Belenky island”) where is a the bird bazaar . The sacred place — Burkhan Cape will have from the sea other beautiful colors. This excursion goes in the evening time and you can make nice photos of a sunset.


    Beautiful lake Baikal                              Shmanka rock

Ogoy island and Svyatoi Istochnik (the sacred spring)

Duration-6 hours, 3 km walk in the hills

During this trip you will cross the Maloye Morye passing close by its islands and see amazing scenery of Lake Baikal. On the other bank you will go to the mineral spring- the local people consider these springs to have healing properties. You will walk 3km to the springs once you reach the other bank. Hot picnic on a fresh air. After visiting Ogoy island that is well known of Buddhist stupa of Enlightenment that was raised at the highest spot of Ogoy islet in 2005. People believe that if you go around the stupa three times and make a wish, it will come true.


           Ogoy island                                Picnic on a fresh air

Cape Khoboy by boat

Duration — 8 hours

Enjoy the unique and beautiful landscapes of the island, various colors of the sea, its cliffs, bays, grottos. This is an unique possibility to admire the Olkhon Island from water and from the land. One part of your group will go by boat at first, another – by car. In Uzury valley you will have picnic and change you places.

The Ushkan Islands – the Chivyrkuiskiy Bay

Boat trip, duration — 2 days, upon booking request

In the first day you will reach unique archipelago the Ushkan Islands including four islands is a site of the rookery of nerpa (Baikal seal), the way takes about 8 hours. Here you can witness the life of this amazing animal. After you will continue your way to the Chivyrkuiskiy Bay that is famous for its picturesque places for example, creeks and islands. There are hot springs in which you can swim. Night on the boat. In the morning departure back to Olkhon island.

Horse-riding, mountain-biking and walking trails on Olkhon island


Horse-riding or walking, 10km

This route takes you along a beach of breathtaking beauty, first sandy and later rocky, and then through the 'enchanted forest' and up into the hills. If you want, you can arrange to come back by car.


         Olkhon island                                 Olkhon island beach

Polyevoi stan

Horse-riding or walking, 5km

Polyevoi stan is a kind of viewpoint which gives you an amazing view of the Maloye Morye and the village of Khuzhir. The road to this place is very easy and don’t need special preparation.

Ethnographical excursion to Buryat village

Duration– 8km, 1.5 - 2 hours. 

If you want  to learn something about Buryats, their traditions, folklore, arts and crafts, way of life and beliefs you should visit Butyat village on Olkhon island. You will taste national dishes, hear their songs and even take part in the ehor – special round dance.  There is also a unique open-air museum, and there will be a guide to explain everything and answer your questions. You can come back by car or you can walk back along the beach.


Traditional dance on Olkhon island             Traditional clothes

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