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How to get to Olkhon island

Olkhon Island is located in the middle of Lake Baikal. You can get to Olkhon from Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude different ways: by bus, minibus, car and boat.

1. You can go to Olkhon island from Irkutsk by minibus. From May to December it departs daily at 10 a.m. local time from our office Marata street, 38, office 12. The way usually takes 6 hours. You can book places in advance by e-mail:terrabaikal@yandex.ru or by phone +7 9025 163 216, our minibus will pick you up from hostel or hotel. One ticket to Olkhon is 800 rubles. You can also book places for back way, minibus from Olkhon island to Irkutsk also departs daily.

It is also possible to rent a car or minibus with driver and Guide for your private trip (please, contact the manager).

Click here to see all prices for transfer to Olkhon island

2. Standard local bus from the central bus station. It departs daily at 8.00 a.m. Tickets are a little cheaper but the way is longer and the tickets are usually sold out long beforehand.  One ticket to Olkhon is approximately 500 rubles and 100 rubles for one place of baggage.

3. You can rent a car to Olkhon and travel by yourself. Some companies in Irkutsk offer this service, but the road to Olkhon is not very good.

4. From Irkutsk or Listvyanka you can get to Olkhon island by boat. There is a boat Barguzin, from July 5 till August 24 it departs every Monday from Irkutsk at 9.00 and reach Khuzhir at 17.30. One ticket is about 3300 rubles. From Olkhon to Irkutsk you also can go by this boat, it departs from the island every Tuesday at 17.00

Another boat “Irkutsk – Nizhneangarsk” departs every Tuesday and Friday from June 18 till August 27. From Irkutsk it departs at 8.50 a.m. from port Baikal (opposite Listvyanka) at 10.00 a.m. One ticket is 2800 rubles. It reach Olkhon island Zagli bay at 14.00. From Zagli it is about 30 km to main village Khuzhir. From Olkhon the boat departs on Wednesday and Saturday, also from Zagli bay at 14.30   


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