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The Landmarks of Olkhon Island

The Burkhan Cape or Skala Shamanka as the local people call it is situated not far from the village Khuzir on the shore of Lake Baikal. The cape is crowned with 'two-head' marble rock "Burkhan". There is a through cave in the small rock and ancient paintings with sanskrit sign above the entrance. For a long time the cave was a place for annual shamanic worship. This considerable historic monument is a peculiar symbol of Baikal and one of the nine holiest places in Asia.


                  The Burhan cape                                   The Burhan cape in winter

Saraysky bay is situated between Burkhan cape and Harantsi village. The sandy beach is 3 km long and the width is about 1 km. The beautiful beach is a favorable place among tourists. It is surrounded by pine tree forest. The bay is shallow and in summer the water is warm enough to swim.


                      The Saraysky bay                              Tourists on the Saraysky bay

Urochishe Peschanoye is famous for its picturesque sand dunes. Constant winds, which blow from the sea move the sand away from the shore and form high sand hills, which are called "Moving sands", as they change due to the wind direction. The area of sandy dunes is about 3 sq-km. It is the biggest sand area on all the western shore of Baikal.

In Soviet period here was fish factory where political and war prisoners worked.


            Urochishe Peschanoye                                        Sand dunes

Cape Sagaan Khushun

It is s a very picturesque rocky cape, about 1 km long. Light carbonic rocks are covered with bright multicolored vegetation. Local people usually call it Three brothers or White cape. It is situated in the northern part of Olkhon island, 4 km before Khoboy cape. Very quiet and beautiful place, it is not easy to find it yourself but you can visit it during excursion to north of the island.  The place was inserted to the list of Baikal nature monuments.


               Cape Sagaan Khushun                              Sagaan Khushun in winter

Khoboy Cape is the most northern point of Olkhon island. From Buryat language it is translated as 'fang' and really looks like it. But if you will look the cape sideways, it reminds of a woman’s profile; therefore it’s also called Deva Rock (Virgin Rock). 
The road terminates 1 km before, and you should walk to get there. The cape is a very beautiful spot, you can see the lake all around you, red cliffs, seagulls, and sometimes, if you're lucky, even Baikal seals - nerpa.

Khoboi is situated near the widest point of Baikal lake - 79,5 km. One can understand why Baikal is compared sometimes with a sea.

From the earliest times Khoboy was considered to be a sacred place and served for performing religious rites.


          Tourists on the Khoboy cape                         Khoboy cape in winter

The cape of Khargoy is famous for the remains of the ancient Kurykan's stone wall. Ancient kurykan defensive wall is 185 meters long, its height reaches 1.5-2 meters in some places. Near the wall there is a ditch, 3.5 m width / 1.5 m in depth. The wall was discovered in 1879 by I.D. Chersky.

Kurykani is the name for the nation/tribe that lived here in VI - XI century a.d. Now it is difficult to prove the purpose of the wall. The construction is considered to be protective. Others suppose the place to be the holy worship shrine.


                     Kurykan wall                                   Kurykan wall in winter


Olkhon Island Local Lore museum

It is situated in Khuzir village, on the territory of the local school. There are more then 3000 valuable exhibits and finds that were collected on the island by the founder of the museum Michail Revyakin and his pupils. Among the collection there are ancient ritual adornments of shaman which were found at the supposed place of cremation, ancient yurta with authentic top priorities, chest badge belonged to Chingis-Khan warriors.


            Local museum in Khuzir                           Sculpture in local museum


Shara-Nur lake is one of the largest lakes on Olkhon Island, located in the mountains. It is also the only lake with mineralized water which has curative qualities on the island. Because of the minerals dissolved in the water, the body looks red after a swim. The mud from the lake helps cure different diseases, such as arthritis. 

From Buryat language “Shara-Nur” is translated as “yellow lake”. (“Shara” means “Yellow”). The altitude of the lake is 750 m above sea level. Probably the name of the lake comes from the yellow flowers - buttercups, which are widely spread on the picturesque shores. 

The lake is surrounded by various landscapes, it is possible to watch wild life of animals and birds there. In summer the water gets quite warm.


           Beach on the Shara-Nur lake                              Shara-Nur lake


Buddist stupa on Ogoy islet

An eight-metre-high Buddhist stupa of Enlightenment was raised at the highest spot of Ogoy islet in 2005. A Buddhist stupa is an object of worship and means “a support for gifts”. 

Such stupas are meant to rule out all negative obstacles in the world. There are only two stupas in Russia – on Lake Baikal and in Kalmykia Republic. It is believed that if you go around the stupa three times expressing your respect to it and make a wish, it will come true. There is only one condition: the thoughts of the person who makes a wish should be pure.


             Ogoy stupa in winter                            Tourists on the Ogoy stupa



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