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Olkhon Island

Olkhon Island it is one of the best destination for travelling in Baikal area. Nature here is very various so you can see here beautiful landscapes, sandy beaches, spacious steppe hills, dramatic capes, pine-tree forests and picturesque rocks


Olkhon is the biggest island on Lake Baikal and it is usually named “the heart of Baikal”. It’s about 70 km long and 15 km wide.
The name Olkhon was derived from the Buryat language, meaning "little forest". The island's population is around 1500 residents, and the most part of them live in the main village of the island named Khuzhir. There wasn’t electricity on the island some years ago and every family used special generator. Bur from 2005 electricity is available all the time; it is possible to use mobile phones and internet. In Khuzhir there are about 10 shops where you can buy different meals and drinks, in some shops you can pay by credit card.  But there are no banks and ATMs on the island so you should have a cash to pay for excursions and services.

Olkhon is a great place to see real Siberian nature and all Baikal landscapes in one time. Here you can go away from the civilization, live just next to Baikal, walking around, enjoy magnificent views and get acquainted with local life.

Olkhon is one of the shamanists’ centers in Siberia, still shamans from all Russia come here to make ceremonies and speak with spirits. There are a lot of sacred and holy places and people still believe in old legends. On Olkhon island you can also visit a sacread places , which have very strong energy.

When is the best time to go to Okhon island?

Summer is the best time to visit Olkhon. Good weather, many sunny days, good sandy beaches and wonderful views. In summer months you can even swim in Lake Baikal. But in this time there are a lot of tourists so it is better to book accommodation on Olkhon in advance. 


Many tours to Olkhon island are available in the summer. You can go to all Olkhon sights (most popular are Shamanka rock and cape Khoboy), make boat tours on Lake Baikal. Good possibility to discover Olkhon island is rent a bike and go anywhere you like.

It is also possible to visit Olkhon island in autumn, spring and winter. In these time you can see Lake Baikal from another side and enjoy magnificent views in calmness without crowds of tourists. Prices for accommodation are also much lower.

Winter is especially good time to visit Okhon island. From the beginning of January till April Lake Baikal freezes up and covered by ice. You can walk and skate directly on the Lake, don’t afraid, the ice here is very strong and its width about 1 meter and more! Most comfortable temperature for travelling is the end of February and March, it is between -10 and -20 degrees and a lot of sun. In January the temperature can reach -30 and sometimes -40. So you should have really warm clothes


During winter tour on Olkhon island you can see ice caves and grottos, torosses  and magnificent views of frozen Lake Baikal. Many different activities are available: skating, skiing, ice cycling, dog sledding, etc.

Winter tour to Olkhon island can be really unforgettable experience for you!


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